PC-DMIS Touch is a revolutionary new way to interact with inspection data and coordinate measurement devices. With a full-screen interface, advanced Multi-Touch technology, intuitive inspection routines, and the power of PC-DMIS built in - PC-DMIS Touch is an ideal complement to many measurement applications.

With PC-DMIS Touch you can quickly measure prismatic shapes, take dimensions, print reports and generate and run repeatable inspection routines in a fraction of the time. With PC-DMIS Touch's incredible ease of use, you are in control of the data collection. It's an ideal complement to many 3D inspection systems.

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PC-DMIS Touch MeasurementThe New Way to Measure

The attractive and intuitive user interface of PC-DMIS Touch is so easy to use that operators will be confident in hours, not days, so that your Absolute Arm delivers immediate ROI.

There’s no need to navigate through menus in order to make your measurement, just touch to begin! PC-DMIS Touch has the power and functionality to make what should be simple… simple.The user is guided through a full set of inspection tools, such as construction of features or feature sets, 2D and 3D dimensional reporting.

Feature Recognition: The operator doesn’t need to define what feature he wants to measure prior to using the arm. PC-DMIS Touch will decide which features are geometrically possible based on the points collected and highlight any possible features from the point set, such as circle and plane. The operator may then choose on the spot the matching feature.

Run measurement routines easily: All arm measurements are recorded so can be run as many times as you like. Also, existing PC-DMIS programs can be run with Touch.


PC-DMIS Touch ConstructionsConstruction Zone

Feature Construction tasks are completed by a simple, consistent workflow.

PC-DMIS Touch helps the user either select an already measured feature from the list, directly from the graphical representation, measure a new one or any combination depending on the required input.

The 3D View can be panned, rotated and zoomed with just a gesture in a very intuitive fashion so that the programmer or operator can confidently interact with the software.


PC-DMIS Touch Dimensioning Dimensioning

GD&T functionality is built in and includes: Flatness, Roundness, Cylindricity, Concentricity, Straightness, True Position, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, and Angularity





PC-DMIS Touch AlignmentsAll Lined Up

PC-DMIS Touch organizes measurement plan features intuitively by “Face,” a new concept for the traditional work-plane.

PC-DMIS Touch also guides the user through automated alignment sequences depending on the available feature types.

For instance, a Plane-Line-Point alignment is completed by either measuring all three features, selecting previously measured features from the list or graphics display, or a combination of both.

As easy as 3-2-1.


PC-DMIS Touch ReportingReporting Live

As features are measured the user selects whether or not to display all or part of the corresponding data on the report while at the same time updating feature nominal and tolerance data.

A quick swipe to the right provides instant access to the report with a statistical view of how the measured features are stacking up against their respective tolerance requirements.

Reports are created automatically during the part measurement. If you want to remove something, or change a tolerance, just touch on the desired feature in the list.

All measurement reports are saved separately from the measurements themselves, making archiving them much easier. Any time you need to find a report, just type a part of its name into the live filter.


Hardware Compatiblity

PC-DMIS Touch is available as a standard package on any ROMER Absolute Arm* or as an upgrade to Infinite 2.0, Infinite and Stinger arms running ROMER RDS software.

Touch Screen Tablet or Laptop computer minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, or Windows 8 Professional
  • Processor: Intel I5 or better (ARM and ATOM processors are not supported)
  • Memory: Minimum 4GB RAM

Complete ROMER Absolute Arm packages include:

  • Measuring Arm Kit (all sizes supported, 1.5 to 4.5 meter)
  • Touchscreen computer
  • PC-DMIS Touch Portable software
  • Optional upgrades to full PC-DMIS Portable PRO or CAD are available.

For a demonstration or quote, please use the inquiry tab on this page. 

*7 axis arms can be used with PC-DMIS touch portable, but laser scanning is not supported. 


PC-DMIS Touch 2.2 available now!

Existing Touch 2.0 users can use the check for updates function inside of the software to automatically get the update and install it.

Users who need the full installer can get it here:

PC-DMIS 2.2 Update Installer

Touch 2.2 Updates include:

  • If the machine type is 'Unknown' Touch should be able to check the Interface type to correct the config file.
  • Remeasure on the CMM does not update the nominals as it goes back to them (needs a refresh).
  • The X+, X-, Y+ and Y- icons for axis planes are not correct in the RPV. The icons are correct where you select them.
  • Renaming a feature with already existing name does not generate message
  • Touch side implementation to show the PC-DMIS Probes dialog from within the new Probe Creation PanelBar.
  • Detect localized strings with white space at the end and fail the Release (RC) build if any are found
  • Unify Automation2.0 FeatureType enumerations and Touch enumerations (Needs PCD-57823).
  • Editing a distance, change the options and see that the cancel button has no effect
  • In French, Russian, Hungarian and Czech if you create a file with a Temp Comp it crashes back to the home screen.
  • Executing a temp comp in a foreign language such as Italian causes an out of index error as the timer begins.
  • Sometimes the position dimension can look like location dimension in the nominal tolerance page until you close and edit it again.
  • Enable config file level logging options (run-time) instead of compile time only enabled/disabled logging
  • I can see the CMM tools/probe changer even in the portable interface
  • Straightness for cone gives strange values
  • Form Plot uses different no. of digits for error
  • German translation Reporting window toolbar not correct
  • Save File as ... with Blank at the end crashes Touch
  • Translation Report preview in German not correct
  • Report preview uses different no. of digits for Bonus
  • True Position Axis selection
  • True Position value does not update as you change nominals. You must close and edit again to see the result.
  • Switch all Touch projects to consume the WaiMvvmToolkit hosted on Nuget instead of embedding the project in our solution
  • In Distance and Angle it does not keep the second column selected while you edit the first column (refresh issue).
  • The nominal page can incorrectly show a length and width for a constructed intersection point.
  • Square Slot Probing not correct
  • DataGroupingTests fails when I build Release on my box with regional settings non in en-us culture
  • When I reopen an exported report, the form plot section has errors.
  • During alignment Touch let probe single Points
  • Cancel button in German language too small/text too long
  • Toolbar German Translation not correct (and another localization pass)
  • Probe Builder Panel Bar Prototype
  • Add Measurement Feedback
  • Ask to execute Temp Comp if partial execution
  • Add localization check to Jenkins build
  • In German it does not complete the probe rack calibration. It hangs after showing a blank message.
  • In Japanese, Italian and Portuguese the drop downs for sorting the big list of probes the text is cut off a bit.
  • I left touch open on the Program Edit screen more than an hour, after that the UI was no longer responsive
  • When PC-DMIS serializes probe tip info with a wrong qualification date, TOUCH does not connect to PC-DMIS (Here is a Fix)
  • Feature Name doesn't persist
  • Construct cylinder allowing invalid choice
  • Dimensions for 2D Features should skip Face Measurement as 1st feature
  • constructed Slot changes coordinate nominals if length nominal is edit
  • Probe change within does not warn user if you edit program above LoadProbe
  • Performance poor on tablet PC
  • Display of Cone not correct
  • Add Alignment in between an existing part program "looks like freezing" Touch
  • Gather Information on T-Gage Probe Systems
  • Investigate, and decide on using the Probe.DAT file or the new Configuration Server
  • Mock up the Probe Building Interface
  • Tapping in the bottom bar (next to a button) will cause it to scroll to the left
  • Mock Up Feedback during and or after Measurement
  • Edit Part Program attributes


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