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Our product offering is as vast as the unique applications and industries they cater to. Whether your parts are large or small, simple or complex, standard or customized, we have a solution for you.


CMMs- Small & Medium



CMMs - Small & Medium

Measure parts three-dimensionally to the highest level of performance and accuracy. 

CMMs - Large

The largest stationary gantry- and bridge-type 3D CMMs give you enormous performance.

CMMs - Horizontal Arm

Inspect large-volume parts in the automotive industry, aerospace, ship, defense, or other industries. 

Shop Floor


t-leica at960

CMMs - Shop Floor

Ideal for harsh environments, automated inspection is possible at the point of production.

Theodolites & Laser Stations

Extreme measurement volumes make these the first choice for inspection and assembly of large components. 

Laser Tracker Systems

A long-term standard in industrial metrology, for oversized and difficult to move parts.




Multisensor & Optical Systems

Flexibility is the key issue between contact and optical measurements for multisensor technology.   

Portable Measuring Arms

Measure on the shop floor or the machine, where process improvements matter most. 

Probing Systems & Styli

A complete selection of probing systems and styli for all portable and stationary CMMs and even CNCs.




Tube Inspection Systems

A cost-efficient solution for measurement of tubes. Correct the bending machine and reduce scrap.

White Light Scanner Systems

Improve engineering and manufacturing processes in the automotive and other manufacturing industries.


Customizable software packages deliver intelligent analysis, management and presentation of collected data. 



Pre-owned CMM Systems

We offer a variety of used CMM options, including showrooom demos to gently used CMMs to fully refurbished systems.